Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Feathered Neighbors

Is it just me or do you, also, find yourself searching the trees for nests in the spring time? And how high does your heart jump for joy when you have finally spotted one?
I love spring time for that exact reason... when I get a sneak peak into new life starting. It is at those moments that I am reminded of life past my own and how God shaped all life in special ways.
This mother is just like mother's of our world, she protects those precious eggs with everything. She sits on them almost all day, not ever straying too far from her children. How spectacular is it to see such a resemblance to our own culture?!?!
Guess where this precious gem decided to start her family? Known other than directly outside my bedroom window. That's right... I rise to her chirping and get to watch her all day long, or.. maybe she is watching me. Either way I dont mind getting to be a witness to this glorious miracle of nurturing new life. What could be better than that... I think nothing!

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