Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Above the Clouds

Ever dreamed above the clouds? There is just something intimate about it!

On my recent trip I could not help but photograph, for all of time, the beautiful morning God was creating for me! That's right, it was just for ME! I'm not greedy or anything, just confident in my CREATOR!

Did you know that if you were the only person on earth you would still have your very own stunningly breathtaking days? He wants all that, and more, just for YOU!
Just as the saying goes, "The skies the limit!"

Don't ever forget to dream higher than you ever imagined, you will be surprised at the places He will take you! He wants to give you beauty, He wants to give you wings, He wants to give you the WORLD! Have faith that your dreams will come true and guess what? THEY WILL! <3
I challenge you to live out your dreams! Let the world be your canvas and let the Lord to guide your brush. Oh the masterpieces you will create!

Spread your wings and let go!

Hugs & <3's

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Two on Tuesday

I find it extremely liberating doing crazy things with old pieces of paper, you'd be amazed what you can cover up! Get ready to roll up your sleeves and start tearing!
 Step 1: Find your favorite coloring book, Medium Gesso, paintbrush, scrap paper and canvas.
 Step 2: Randomly tear pages out of the coloring book and place them around the canvas. There is no rhyme or reason to it, just whatever is appealing to your eye. Gesso down each coloring book page. Go slow so that you avoid ripples to appear. (I highly recommend taking a picture of how you arranged the coloring book pages, as not to forget. My pregnancy brain gets the best of me so this is a must.)
Step 3: Take your scraps of paper and cover up the weird looking edges of the coloring book pages. You want to make sure you have them all in good places before you Gesso them down. Patiently use your paintbrush to Gesso down each scrap of paper. (I also recommend taking a picture of the scrap paper arrangement)
Step 4: Allow to dry before you apply top coat, this will help rid you of ripples.
Step 5: Now came dry brushing! I LOVE doing this to my art pieces, it gives it such a different kind of a look and helps it not look so "new". I mixed up my own blue and red then barely added any to my brush. VERY lightly brush across your painting until it has the look you want, this can be tricky but works well if you are patient with it. Do this with every color you chose, I used the white last to help tone down any areas I may have gotten too much paint on.
 Step 6: This is how mine ended up looking after all my dry brushing. Like I said, the look all depends on your personal preference.
Step 7: After paint has dried do one coat of Mod Podge just to seal everything in together and let dry.

Anytime you use Gesso or Mod Podge you want to make sure you are being patient with it. The more patient you are with it the more glorious your masterpiece will become!

Have fun and start creating, it is SO liberating!!!

Hugs & <3's

Monday, October 29, 2012

Beautiful Weather!!!

Yesterday brought some BEAUTIFUL weather for us Floridians. There is nothing we love more than a taste of fall that lasts all day long (and we hope for it to last a few days at least). We are finally able to stay outside all day long without melting! We bring out those "winter boots" we have been saving all year long to hopefully get a weeks worth of use out of them. All in all, we make great use of the "cold days"!
My handsome man and I took the day to explore the local arts festival, Ocala Arts Festival.
Here is a peak at the beautiful day we marveled about all day long!

Chowing down on some Shadrach's Fiery Furnace Pizza

This beautiful sitting area was perfect. Along with some really wonderful harp music

I get a tad creeped out with people on stilts (they are just way too tall!), but the kids LOVED him

I did the Floridian thing and broke out my boots!!!
 After having our fun in the spectacular weather we decided to take Bremen to the dog park!
This guy could not get enough of the kiddie pool! He laid and rolled around in it too.

So tired from his play date!

Oh man it was one SUPERB day!!! What do you guys normally like doing on the "cold days"? Give me some great ideas and maybe I'll be able to try them out too!

Hugs & <3's

Friday, October 26, 2012

Holiday Special!!!


In preparation of this holiday season I am offering NEW REDUCED prices on my already affordable chic art pieces. What better way to get unique pieces of art for that special person, or multiple people even! Share this with everyone you know!

Go check out the "My Creations" tab to see what I have for sale and the unbelievably reduced prices I have marked them down to, just for YOU!

You better hurry cause these prices, and pieces, won't last!
SALE ends December 14th!
Hugs & <3's

DIY Ghosts and Pumpkins!

Ghosts and pumpkins are just apart of decorating for Halloween. I can't decorate without having a few ghosts join the party, and a few pumpkins sitting around. That is why, while I was decorating for my sister in law's Halloween party, I searched the house for whatever I could find to make one of a kind ghosts and pumpkins. Sure I could have gone out and bought pumpkins, but who wants to do that when you've got your creative juices flowin'?!?
So here is what I found to make just what I was looking for:
Found a lacy, white scrap dress I cut about 4 inch squares out of.
Instead of cotton balls I used rolled up tp for the head
Tied a ribbon around the "neck" of the ghost
Threaded some fishing line through the top of the head to hang them from the ceiling

End result! Made about 15 of these and they were a HUGE success!

Used the "innards" of a cigar box as the stems for my homemade pumpkins
Found a shirt laying around that was PERFECT for my pumpkins.
Wrapped and hot glued it around balls of paper.
Then hot glued the "stems".

Cut and colored paper to make the leaves on the two large pumpkins.
Added buttons to give that steam punk vibe I was going for.

The display at the front door where my new pumpkins and ghosts found a home!
I created this area to cover up the washer and drier... genius!
Do any of you have DIY Halloween crafts? I would love to hear what kinds of things you have done to put your home in the festive mood!

Hugs & <3's

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Gluten Free in Texas!!!

First mission when arriving in Texas: find food STAT!
As luck would have it we found this cute little bakery that encompassed EVERYTHING Gluten Free... and boy was it delicious.
What is the name of this exquisite bakery, you may ask? Let me introduce you to: The Little Aussie Bakery!!!
If you ever are in the San Antonio area I HIGHLY suggest you check them out. They do not disappoint and have a very family environment that will leave you wanting to come back for more.
Here is a peak at what we ordered, and devoured.

Pure bliss walking up to this and it ALL being GF!

No matter what you order they bring you a basket of rolls... and guess what? They are GF! I ordered some "Mexican Coke" cause poor Paysen did not like the plane ride and was making me sick. If you have never had it before its delicious!

And of course I ordered PIZZA!!!

Cassie (my sister in law) and her friend had cake for lunch! Double chocolate pecan and carrot cake, they started chowing down so fast I couldn't get a picture fast enough. DELICIOUS!
Are your taste buds watering yet? Mine sure are!

Sorry for my absence but you will LOVE the posts I have coming for you, trust me!

Hugs & <3's

Friday, October 19, 2012

Another B-E-A-UTIFUL day in October!

What screams fall/Halloween more than a pumpkin patch!?!? I am going to have to say nothing beats it. Pumpkin patches bring out the goofy side in us all.
I took a little trip to a local pumpkin patch with this amazingly goofy boys today... Oh what fun can be had!

 Now go make your own memories this year at a pumpkin patch near you!

Hugs & <3's

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Gluten free dessert!!

Have you dreamt of making the most delectable GF dessert? Well dream no longer. These mouth watering Galettes will be JUST what you have been dreaming of, and they are rather easy to make.
We originally found the amazing recipes for the Galette treats on A Beautiful Mess' Blog as a non gluten free dessert but thought it would be pretty simple to convert them.
A Beautiful Mess does a much better job at breaking down how to make them so please click on their link to see detailed directions on filling and baking these Galettes.

Here are how ours turned out: 
Apple and Cheese Galette
Pear and Caramel Galette

This Raspberry Galette is not only Gluten Free but Dairy Free as well. We used Lactaid Cottage Cheese.
In order to convert these, taste bud tingling, treats into Gluten Free we used Bob's Red Mill Biscuit and Baking Mix as the crust. (Check out Bob's Red Mill, they really have some of the BEST tasting options for helping you feel like you're eating like a normal person.)

I sincerely hope you have as much fun making them, and eating them, as we did! For those that try it, let me know how you like them. These are sure to be a huge success at any holiday gathering you have this year!

Hugs & <3's