Friday, October 26, 2012

DIY Ghosts and Pumpkins!

Ghosts and pumpkins are just apart of decorating for Halloween. I can't decorate without having a few ghosts join the party, and a few pumpkins sitting around. That is why, while I was decorating for my sister in law's Halloween party, I searched the house for whatever I could find to make one of a kind ghosts and pumpkins. Sure I could have gone out and bought pumpkins, but who wants to do that when you've got your creative juices flowin'?!?
So here is what I found to make just what I was looking for:
Found a lacy, white scrap dress I cut about 4 inch squares out of.
Instead of cotton balls I used rolled up tp for the head
Tied a ribbon around the "neck" of the ghost
Threaded some fishing line through the top of the head to hang them from the ceiling

End result! Made about 15 of these and they were a HUGE success!

Used the "innards" of a cigar box as the stems for my homemade pumpkins
Found a shirt laying around that was PERFECT for my pumpkins.
Wrapped and hot glued it around balls of paper.
Then hot glued the "stems".

Cut and colored paper to make the leaves on the two large pumpkins.
Added buttons to give that steam punk vibe I was going for.

The display at the front door where my new pumpkins and ghosts found a home!
I created this area to cover up the washer and drier... genius!
Do any of you have DIY Halloween crafts? I would love to hear what kinds of things you have done to put your home in the festive mood!

Hugs & <3's

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