Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Save your Tshirts!

As soon as you see just how easy this project is to do you will wish you listened to me and saved those old tshirts!

For Paysen's room, even though it is carpeted, I wanted to add some color to the floor with a simple, yet eclectic, rug. As we all know, to go out and buy "the perfect rug" can be a bit pricey... so I did what all us creative people do best, I searched Pinterest for an original DIY that I could do for my little sweet pea's room. That is when I found the PERFECT RUG! It is exactly what I had in my head to add that pop of color on the floor.

Now that I found what I wanted to create I rummaged through all my family member's closets getting rid of their old tshirts (with their permission of course). This rug was going to take A LOT of shirts and I had to get started because this rug, although simply adorable, was going to take quite awhile to assemble.

Boy was I right on with that last statement! I know I usually give the step by step instructions on how to do a new project but I could not do this rug justice by explaining it myself. Cuada Designs is where Pinterest led me for the instructions, so that is where I lead you. I will say, though, that using simply "waxed" dental floss works so much better than thread did for me. I made sure not to use the mint floss just in case my 4 legged son, Bremen, smelled how delicious the rug smelt and decided he wanted to try and eat it.

Here are a few images of my progress thus far:
This is what mine looked like from the top an hour into the sewing process.
I am sewing the bottom only

Does get hard on your hands after pushing the needle through tshirt, I have to take breaks.
That big ol' pile you see...that's what I have to sew still. And this is still me being unsure if its the right size, I may have to find more tshirts. <3
Have fun with this you guys! I just love making things for my house on my own, it's just so much more rewarding!

Hugs & <3's

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