Monday, October 29, 2012

Beautiful Weather!!!

Yesterday brought some BEAUTIFUL weather for us Floridians. There is nothing we love more than a taste of fall that lasts all day long (and we hope for it to last a few days at least). We are finally able to stay outside all day long without melting! We bring out those "winter boots" we have been saving all year long to hopefully get a weeks worth of use out of them. All in all, we make great use of the "cold days"!
My handsome man and I took the day to explore the local arts festival, Ocala Arts Festival.
Here is a peak at the beautiful day we marveled about all day long!

Chowing down on some Shadrach's Fiery Furnace Pizza

This beautiful sitting area was perfect. Along with some really wonderful harp music

I get a tad creeped out with people on stilts (they are just way too tall!), but the kids LOVED him

I did the Floridian thing and broke out my boots!!!
 After having our fun in the spectacular weather we decided to take Bremen to the dog park!
This guy could not get enough of the kiddie pool! He laid and rolled around in it too.

So tired from his play date!

Oh man it was one SUPERB day!!! What do you guys normally like doing on the "cold days"? Give me some great ideas and maybe I'll be able to try them out too!

Hugs & <3's

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  1. dressing like its cold, drinking a hot Starbucks for a change, breathing deeply and almost acting kiddish in joy. oh, opening windows and doors. mom


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