Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Two on Tuesday

I find it extremely liberating doing crazy things with old pieces of paper, you'd be amazed what you can cover up! Get ready to roll up your sleeves and start tearing!
 Step 1: Find your favorite coloring book, Medium Gesso, paintbrush, scrap paper and canvas.
 Step 2: Randomly tear pages out of the coloring book and place them around the canvas. There is no rhyme or reason to it, just whatever is appealing to your eye. Gesso down each coloring book page. Go slow so that you avoid ripples to appear. (I highly recommend taking a picture of how you arranged the coloring book pages, as not to forget. My pregnancy brain gets the best of me so this is a must.)
Step 3: Take your scraps of paper and cover up the weird looking edges of the coloring book pages. You want to make sure you have them all in good places before you Gesso them down. Patiently use your paintbrush to Gesso down each scrap of paper. (I also recommend taking a picture of the scrap paper arrangement)
Step 4: Allow to dry before you apply top coat, this will help rid you of ripples.
Step 5: Now came dry brushing! I LOVE doing this to my art pieces, it gives it such a different kind of a look and helps it not look so "new". I mixed up my own blue and red then barely added any to my brush. VERY lightly brush across your painting until it has the look you want, this can be tricky but works well if you are patient with it. Do this with every color you chose, I used the white last to help tone down any areas I may have gotten too much paint on.
 Step 6: This is how mine ended up looking after all my dry brushing. Like I said, the look all depends on your personal preference.
Step 7: After paint has dried do one coat of Mod Podge just to seal everything in together and let dry.

Anytime you use Gesso or Mod Podge you want to make sure you are being patient with it. The more patient you are with it the more glorious your masterpiece will become!

Have fun and start creating, it is SO liberating!!!

Hugs & <3's

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