Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sorry for my absence

I wanted to wait until I had a cute/creative way to say this to the world but that was not going to happen until next week. For now, I feel like I really owe you all an explanation to my absence and my inability to provide you with a Two on Tuesday today. The reason for the laziness on my side is:

Oh ya! You got it! Baby Fitz is on his/her way and I have absolutely NO energy. It takes me all day just to get enough energy to do the dishes. I can't even think about doing anything creative. Trust me, it is killing me to not have the energy I am used to having.
We go to the doctor next Monday to, hopefully, hear the heartbeat of our precious little one. I will most definitely keep everyone updated on this new journey, we are so excited about meeting our new addition!!!
God is so wonderful, He has all of this worked out and will continue to look out for us. Please keep us in your prayers!
Hugs and <3's

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  1. Oh! I just can't wait! I may be hard but we will make it. Good thing God made women stronger than men so they can handle carrying a baby, cooking, cleaning, and putting up with their husbands. Love you.... :-)


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