Friday, May 4, 2012

Affordable chic

So I am sure you are all wondering how my first Art Walk event went so I decided to post the night of just so you all could sleep soundly. <3 It was a success!!! I made just about $100.... in one night! Can you believe it??? God provided for me and kept me going even though I get there and find out I am about two blocks away from the actual "downtown square". I just kept praying that the Lord would bring people to me and He did, like I should have expected anything less. My unique mixed media style went over really well, even those that did not buy still commented on how great an eye I have and how creatively unique it is. One gal even called it "affordable chic" (I liked it so much I decided to keep that saying for myself). I want my art to be something that everyone can afford, not something they just wish they could hang in their house/office/room/etc. Here are a few pictures from the night. I still have paintings for sale so if you are interested (and I just know you will be) please... go to my facebook (search Allysen FitzPatrick) and you can see more close up pictures of the art pieces I still have.
Again... Thank you so much for your prayers and for those that came out to see me! Let's talk again! Same place... new time <3

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  1. Hi Allysen,
    love the idea of "affordable chic"!
    As for your question- to become a professional artist, you must be crazily in love with what you do, need to deeply commit, work really (really) hard, develop your own "brand", and be very patient. Things don't happen overnight, and you must be willing to hold on!
    As for your art, I'd suggest you try to also sell it online via etsy, to increase your possibilities to be found and known.
    Hope this helps!
    My best,


It's so nice to meet you here! I am so glad you have decided to use just a few moments from your busy life to see what my life may offer your's. I am new to the blog world and love hearing from new people and seeing what I might be able to do to give my blog its full potential. Thank you for coming and I look forward to learning from you.
See you soon! Same place... new time.