Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Paper goes flying!!!

It feels like its been forever since I last posted. I have been so busy. Let me just fill you in on a little bit of the fun I have been having. Well... last Thursday mom and I drove to Vero Beach to spend the weekend scrapbooking. You heard it right... a whole weekend where we did nothing but cut, glue, and masterfully create scrapbook pages (pictures of a few of these pages to come later). We had so much fun laughing and making memories with the ladies that went with us!
The first stop on the trip was to see the beach (living in the center of Florida makes it extremely rare to be that close to the beach... so we just HAD to get our beach on). It was BEAUTIFULLY breathtaking. The beach always makes me realize just how big our world really is and how God created each and every part of this big world just for us. That makes me jump for joy!!

On other exciting artful news... I am participating in a Downtown art walk this Friday. I have never done anything like this before so I am particially nervous and excited at the same time. The only place I have ever posted my art is on facebook for friends and family, this will be practically the whole world (ok well not really the WHOLE world... but people I dont know). I guess it will be a good way for me to see if my art really is as good as I and people I know say it is (cause you know... they are all bias after all). Just say a little prayer for me if you think about it on Friday night please.

Love you gals (and guys if any read this)! Same place, different time

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  1. Wow Im your first poster and I feel so proud!!! I love your blog and think your an amazing artist!!! Its just floors me what comes out of your brain and ends up in your hands for the world to see. Your first "showing" will be so fantastic. You will be so happy to see all the people that love what you do!!! Your an amazing women, and I am proud to know you!!!!


It's so nice to meet you here! I am so glad you have decided to use just a few moments from your busy life to see what my life may offer your's. I am new to the blog world and love hearing from new people and seeing what I might be able to do to give my blog its full potential. Thank you for coming and I look forward to learning from you.
See you soon! Same place... new time.