Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Coming soon...

Alright ladies (and potential gentleman) I have a surprise waiting for you all!!! I have done some research (being that I am still new at this blogging world) about what keeps people interested in blogs and how to strengthen my talents. I came up with the idea of Two on Tuesdays. Every other Tuesday, starting June 5th, we will get together with a woman that I admire very much, and for good reasons too. She has helped push me to reach my full potential as an artist, she has inspired me to go against the grain, and she has encouraged me to never give up on a dream and to reach for it every day. This woman is a wonderfully artistic person that has a lot to teach the world... this woman is my Mom!
This is how Two on Tuesdays will work: every other Tuesday we will come together and create one art piece, using our combined talents. These pieces will be of different forms and combining different techniques. Along the way we will either photograph or record a tutorial for you to look back on and learn from so that you may be able to create something beautiful along side us.
The goal of this is to show you how to think outside the box... how to reach down inside your soul and grab something inspired. I truly believe that the Lord created art inside of each of us, we just have to be given the right tools to learn how to use it. And that is what Two on Tuesdays is all about, diving into the part of yourself that you don't let out much because you don't know where to start. Start here... we will help, we WANT to help.

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It's so nice to meet you here! I am so glad you have decided to use just a few moments from your busy life to see what my life may offer your's. I am new to the blog world and love hearing from new people and seeing what I might be able to do to give my blog its full potential. Thank you for coming and I look forward to learning from you.
See you soon! Same place... new time.