Sunday, May 27, 2012

All because...

Been the glorified babysitter for these rugrats since Tuesday (everyone else went my little brother's wedding in Colorado).

Left to Right: Bremen, Brunswick, Dresden (front), Siegen and Bexley. Bremen is my dog and the rest are brother's/parent's
 It is not too often that I can get all five dogs to either sleep or keep themselves busy. It is during those rare times that I take the chance to sneak in a scrapbook page of my never ending wedding photos. I give you... my finished product:
Top: Nanny MacPherson
Bottom: Grami and Papa Strong
Fashioned these from pieces of torn paper and ribbon
Punched tiny holes for buttons to fasten onto
Glimmer Mist: Raven, Turquoise Blue and Cranberry Zing
Sprayed on to make "dripped paint" affect and splattered ink marks

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  1. it's Braunschweig not brunswick


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