Friday, May 11, 2012

You were created unique

I believe I have started to become addicted to collecting more and more art for shows. I love the days when Paul takes the car to work, leaving me stranded at home. On those days it means I have no reason to leave the apartment, which means... ALL DAY.... working on my art. It is those days... those days that I love!!!
God gave me something that not everyone has the ability to do and that is create. When I am working on a new piece I feel like I am connecting with Him on a different level, like He is giving me my very own unique Jesus Time (what I call devotions). He teaches me things all throughout the process; things like patience, fearlessness, courage, beauty, and to trust Him because then it allows me to trust myself. When I know I have created something great I can feel the devil try to sneak in and take that from me. He only tries it because he knows that that greatness brought me to a deeper trust and love with the One who gave me the talent. So my thoughts for you today are to make sure you don't EVER let anyone or anything steal that one unique thing that makes you feel closer to your Maker. Don't give them a hand over you. Go ahead... steal it back if its been stolen. You are going to do great things for the Lord's Kingdom, please don't ever forget that. And if you don't yet know what that one thing is that makes you feel closer to Him, don't worry because He has a funny way of showing us in His time. Until you realize your uniqueness take each opportunity you are given... maybe it is His way of showing you.
You are all perfect, inside and out, don't change for anyone.

Here is a peak into what I am currently working on:
(and dont forget to take a look at My Creations to see my most recent piece and the others I have for sale)

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  1. Allysen, you are! I see the changes and I see you meeting your obstacles with a "head on" approach, with a little work and God at your side, you don't let them stand in your way, you conquer all!!!! Im so proud of you and all your doing. Im happy for you because your an artist and your art needs to be shared with others, because, who knows, what one piece can do for a soul. It may be the piece that brings them closer in a relationship, it may bless them in a way you never thought possible, it may save them from themselves, and it may just make their wall look "perfect". Simple or soulful, your art does it. I love your art, but I love you too. And I didn't know that until after our crop weekend and working through some of my own issues. I am proud to be your "old" friend. But more than that, I am so proud of you!!! You reflect such passion for life and love. God bless you my friend. Hugs and blessings!!!!


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