Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Can anyone tell me????

My mom and I had the most amazing finds at a thrift store today. The store was moving and had their entire stock at 85% off!!! Can you imagine our excitment??!!??

We immediately headed for the children section, appropriate since there is a sweet baby growing in my belly, and felt like it was Christmas time and we got to pick all our own gifts! We were finding all sorts of old kid's toys for $1.00 with that 85% off I mentioned before. True story! Crazy, I know.

There is one toy in particular that we puzzled over how old it might be. I have searched high and low throughout the internet trying to find this exact toy and came up empty handed. The closest I got was finding a 1960s Fisher Price toy called a Jolly Jumping Jack, it just was not EXACTLY the same as this one. I have the picture of the toy below. The toy has no maker on the back, all it says is Made in Hong Kong No. 1038. You pull down on the pull string and his arms/legs move up and down, his eyes go up and down, and as his limbs go down he squeaks. Can anyone help me figure out just how old this toy is??? I would LOVE to know cause my goal is to have mostly vintage toys for our little one.

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