Saturday, August 4, 2012

Creative Juices are FLOWING!!!!

It is a long long time in the waiting but FINALLY I am feeling the creative juices again. It's a miracle!

First creations to complete= pages for the ladies books!

My mom and I, along with 6 other woman, created Nature themed books full of blank pages. The blank pages are for each of the other ladies in the group to fill with their own style of nature. Fun huh?!?! Well we have had our same 3 books for about a month now with no juices to fill the pages with. After finally climbing the 12 week wall I put my foot down and said, " NO MORE!" I was going to start being creative, and what do you know... IT WORKED! We sat down and nobody was going to stop us. Once we started we just could not stop. God was with us for sure and just let that creativity He gave us flow like no other! I was so proud of us I thought of all of you immediately and just had to share my finished products! I am in love with the pages I created and dancing on cloud 9 as we speak. <3

Cheri just loves pink so I knew I had to add as much as possible,
but still keep it in the nature theme. <3 Tedious but I LOVE it!

Katy loves the beach and so I had so much fun with this one!
Used all kinds of techniques I had never used before. <3

Terry just loves pumpkins and went with a fall theme for her's so I expanded.
I love how it turned out with my pumpkin patches and dripping stains!
Fall is also MY favorite time of year so I had even more fun with these pages <3
I hope you all enjoyed these eye candy pages as much as I did! Word of advice... don't ever be afriad to start something just cause you dont have a picture of what you want in your head. My best work has always been when I start doing a project with no thought of what I want it to look like. It always takes on a life of its own to me and is better than I ever imagined! Don't doubt the God given gift you have been given... it will take you far if you just trust in His guidance. Hugs and <3's

p.s- dont forget.... next week starts our new Two on Tuesday's!!! It is pretty spectacular if I do say so myself!

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