Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Two on Tuesday's are BACK!!!

After a long, anticipating wait for my creative mojo to come back to me, I am proud to say it has and I don't think you will be disappointed with what it brought.

We decided to branch out from our normal paper, ribbon, and glimmer mist. We thought it might be neat to show you what to do with some random, unused items you might have around your house.

Create it for yourself:

What we used: glass cup and saucer, brown beer bottle,
candle stick holder, small white plate, and E6000 glue
Steps 1-4: Using your E6000 glue, glue around each of the pieces you chose
to use. Allow 2-10 minutes drying time before sticking together. **One thing
we also did before gluing anything was choosing what order we wanted to place
the pieces that looked most appealing.

Steps 5 & 6: After waiting the allotted time, stick together each of the pieces.
Make sure you push firmly, but not to firmly (you don't want to break anything).
Allow 24 hours drying time before you put your new creation on display.
Step 7: Taking a bamboo stick, hammer it into the ground in any desired location.
We wanted to show you a few of the other ones we made also just to give you an
idea of shapes and colors that can look nice together. On the white one we just
used a flower vase even instead of a beer bottle.

I thought you might want some more cute ideas that takes the E6000 glue.
We made these as platters for my wedding. Everything we used we found at
thrift stores. The short platter is just a platter plate with a decorative bowl used
as the base. When you are picking pieces just make sure that you find ones that are generally flat on the bottom where you are going to be gluing it together at.

You can use the bottle decor for so many things, its one of the reasons I love these so much! A few ideas we came up with were: holding a small potted plant, water for the birds, birdseed for the birds, or even just simply to catch rain water. Share with me what you used your beautiful piece for, I would LOVE hearing your ideas! Thanks for stopping by, hugs and <3's.

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