Monday, November 19, 2012


With my growing family I am wanting to create Thanksgiving/Christmas traditions that will last forever and be something we all look forward to. I have dug through all sorts of traditions online but nothing has JUMPED out at me yet, this is where you guys come in. I am asking each and every one of you to leave me a note with a tradition that you guys have either been doing with your families or one you have heard of and love. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 1ST will be the deadline for this giveaway. At that point Mr. Handsome and I will go through each comment and pick the one we love the most for our family!
What is the giveaway you may ask? Here is the good part... for you! I am giving away one of my very own paintings! That is right... you will WIN a one of a kind painting by yours truly. This comes just in time for Christmas! Use the painting for your own home or give it away to your absolute favorite person.

*** I have only ONE person so far who has taken me up on this giveaway!!!***
(the full post was from last week... you can check it out if you'd like)

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  1. I got this from a friend, Sheena, as her tradition... (she had trouble posting it on here so she did it on my facebook)
    A tradition that was started when I was a kid, and I do with me kids every year is we buy styrofoam balls (joanns) with different kinds of fabric, paint, ribbons and bows...whatever you want to use, and we make our own Christmas ornaments and hang them on the tree every year. Somewhere I have a Christmas ornament that I made in 1997! It's pretty fun, my kids and I do it every year and they love it. Aliya was only a month old her first Christmas, so of course I made hers that year, but they have a blast with it!

  2. I just heard about this tradition, but I think it is absolutely adorable and I may just have to start it for our own little family as well. It is called the Christmas Elf...the elf comes from the north pole and your children get to tell him what they want....he flies back to Santa every night and winds up in a different spot the kids can't touch him/her. It is fun for the kids but definitely a way to keep some sanity during the holidays because the kids want to behave. Here is a site that gives a more thorough explanation of the whole tradition...

  3. Laura I LOVE that one too! Thanks for your comment :)


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