Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Giveaway contest!!!

There is no doubt that we all love giveaways!

It is the time of year that ideas run wild through my head of gifts for friends and family. One of my absolute favorite things to do is give gifts! Through this thought process, it dawned on me that YOU ALL are my friends/family too and deserve a gift as well! Would you agree?... Thought you would.
Being that I am not the next, up and coming, Donald Trump I can not afford to gift each and every one of you (no matter how much I would LOVE TO). My Mr. Handsome would undoubtedly have a heart attack if I did.
Do not fret though, I have come up with an idea! Here is the plan for all those wanting to participate (and I would recommend it be ALL of you!):
With my growing family I am wanting to create Thanksgiving/Christmas traditions that will last forever and be something we all look forward to. I have dug through all sorts of traditions online but nothing has JUMPED out at me yet, this is where you guys come in. I am asking each and every one of you to leave me a note with a tradition that you guys have either been doing with your families or one you have heard of and love. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 1ST will be the deadline for this giveaway. At that point Mr. Handsome and I will go through each comment and pick the one we love the most for our family!
What is the giveaway you may ask? Here is the good part... for you! I am giving away one of my very own paintings! That is right... you will WIN a one of a kind painting by yours truly. This comes just in time for Christmas! Use the painting for your own home or give it away to your absolute favorite person!
I feel like Santa... you share your favorite tradition, whether its one you actually do or one you've heard of and adore, and I will give you a unique Reflect -n- Recreate painting. What could be better than that???

On your mark... get set... START SENDING ME THOSE TRADITIONS!

Hugs & <3's

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  1. the best tradition our family had/has is the "drawing game". It is a bunch of slips with things you have to do before you get to burst into a gift. Like sing a song, shot out the door a Merry Christmas, a favorite this or that and sometimes it's wait minutes before moving on. It made the gift time longer and people got to look over what they got or others where given. Your overly LOVING best ever MOM


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