Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Two on Tuesday!

I can not help but give you a sneak at the mobile I made for sweet Paysen!
With each new decorating adventure in the nursery I continue to try my hardest to bring a bit of my babies daddy into the nursery (you know... to give him a sense of having a part of it, especially since its a boy's nursery). I think I have succeeded with flying colors on this one!
My Mr. Handsome is into cyclying (and would love if our little Paysen came out of the womb on a7 bike) so what better use of a rim than as a baby mobile! (idea found on Pinterest... of course) I gave him options of things to hang from mobile... pin wheels and airplanes are what he chose.
Now let me teach you how I made the pin wheels, it is quite simple!
For this demonstration I cut a 5x5 square (used 7 and 8 inch squares in mobile)
Measure from corner to corner and cut to just before half... making sure to leave a space in the middle (as seen below)
Take your glossy accents and squeeze just a dab in the center of square, bring one corner to the dot and hold until stuck.
Continue with putting a dab of Glossy Accents with each corner until it looks like this!
Make small hole for string to hang through and thread the string, tie a knot to fasten
VOILA! You did it... you can adhere anything you want to the center of the pin wheel.
What the string looks like from the back.

That was simple right??? I want to make them for ALL occasions! They add such fun and cuteness to everything, and they are super fast to make.
For what occasions and rooms would you use pin wheels as an accent???

Have fun with them!
Hugs & <3's

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