Monday, September 24, 2012

Busy bee me...

Oh my dear... oh my dear!!! What was I thinking by making myself so busy in one weekend!?!? Sometimes I forget that I am carrying precious cargo and get tired/worn out a lot easier than before. I have always been the type of gal that likes going out and doing things... being involved in the world, you know?
Even though I am paying for it now, I had a blast this past weekend! Believe it or not I actually got out of my little bubble of a world in Ocala. I know... shocker huh?!
Here are some snapshots of where my adventures took me:

Ok so if you EVER plan on going to Tampa, FL and want a rock awesome children's consignment store, I have just the one for you! This was my first time EVER in a kid's store this overwhelming, but trust me when I say it was well worth it! It is called Once Upon A Child and they will have anything and everything your heart desires (and it will surely desire more as you get searching through the dozens upon dozens of cloths).
While I was at Once Upon A Child, of course, I had to do a little shopping for my new squeeze, Paysen.
My love and I went kayaking! You may be thinking... "you're pregnant, why did you go kayaking in the Florida sun." Well you do crazy things when you love someone. He has always talked about taking me out on the Florida springs so I thought... why not now! Yes I am pregnant but at least we can do this still before we actually have the baby with us. We had an absolutely beautiful time (besides a couple little "don't rock the boat" arguments, ha)

Along with the beautiful trees and water we even spotted a Blimp! How often do you see those? They just amaze me!

God's beautiful, natural springs are simply breathtaking!
Well those were my glorious adventures for the weekend... now to hunker down and paint this week! I have an Arts and Crafts Festival coming up on October 6th, YAHOO! Pray for me please.

So what did you do this weekend that just made it all worth while, no matter how tired you felt afterwards? Would love to hear from you all!

Hugs & <3's

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