Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Two on Tuesday

Flocking... anyone know what that might be?

Boy oh boy have I come to LOVE flocking!!!

No it is not gathering a herd of sheep, it's not fighting with swords, and it is not wherever else your imagination took you. I am talking about the wonderful concept of giving that fuzzy feeling to an image, literally. Brace yourself and prepare to be amazed!
This can be a tedious task but sooo worth it with your end results!

I am working on The Muppets for a friend's baby room... My goal is to add different textures throughout the painting.
Step 1: What you need- Glossy Accents, Fun Flock in Cinnamon Toast and Caramel Latte Tan
Step 2 & 3: Using my glossy accents I made sure to generously cover each section of Fozzie before applying the Flocking (I recommend dividing your image, if larger, into smaller sections so the glue does not dry). It is important to generously apply the flocking and once it is covering your section gently, but firmly, press it down into the glue. This is the tedious part, you want to make sure to let the Flocking set on your image for about ten minutes before you gently tap it off. I used a piece of aluminum foil to tap it onto so that I didnt waste the flocking.

Step 4: Once I completed him I went back over his body again to cover up any "light" spots. Do this the same way as you did when you started flocking.
Step 5-7: Add the finishing touches to Fozzie to make him COME ALIVE! Instead of painting his hat on I cut it out of paper and glued it on with the glossy accents.
I hope you learned and had as much fun with this project as I did. Don't you just love our cute little Fozzie!?! If you have any questions on flocking, or simply want to comment on today's project, please do not hesitate to ask... I do these projects so that you can learn something new.

Hugs & <3's


  1. WOW!!! Who would have thought my sis would be an artist?!?! LOOKS GREAT!!!

    1. thanks! amazing huh... God blessed me :)
      love you


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