Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What truly is our job?

Being an expectant mom has got me thinking about how my husband and I will raise Paysen. Sure, in my head I say, "I'm gonna raise him like my parents raised me... that's easy enough!" But when it truly comes down to it, looking back on how I was raised it looks easy but I am sure my parents struggled many times on what was the "right" punishment was. The only way to get it close to right is to look at parenting through God's eyes.

I was reading in Focus on the Family about how raising a child should not be about making sure your child "turns out right" or by "doing what's best for them, for their sake". This got me thinking. If it's not about those things, what is parenting about? Why are we, as parents, given the role of raising up children? That is went it came to me! We are here to teach by example. Let me just explain my train of thought.

If we are not placed as parents to make sure that our child turns out right then there must be something more to it. We are placed in their lives to teach and lead by example. God has given us the responsibility to train our children in the way they should go (Proverbs 22:6 NASB), meaning that we need to instill God's love and grace in them daily. We need to show them just how much He loves them and teach them what a relationship with their Savior is like. If they get this kind of solid foundation when they are young just imagine what kind of adults they will grow into! He also says in that same verse, Proverbs 22:6, that even when they are old our children will not depart from that teaching. This does not go to say that all their problems will go away, or that they will not come on any hard times. It simply means that because of the teachings God instilled in US to teach THEM, they will know how better to handle the hard times.

It's with my honor to appreciation to end this by giving a HUGE thank you to my parents for teaching my brother's and I all about God's love, and for leading by example. It is because of them that I know Who to turn to when I need help with Paysen, thank you and I love you!

Don't forget to thank the person/people in your life that had the greatest impact on you.

We turned out perfect... wouldn't you say? ;) I love my brothers to death!!!


  1. It was my honor being given the gift of three children. God "blessed " me with special miracles and I tried to obey Him with how I mothered each one of you. Love you Alsie!!! Mom

  2. love you too!!! cant wait to be called uncle malcolm!!!

  3. It has been my honor that God would have given me three WONDERFUL children to train up for Him. It wasn't always easy, but you three even made what I thought to be difficult that much easier. Love you all to death and REALLY LOVE that picture. Allsie you have grown into an AMAZING woman of God and I am so proud of you. Love Dad


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